AGENDA 15 - 16 June 2021
04 - 08 April 2022
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Three-Tec offers test days with original products in the in-house laboratory. ►   gravimetric and volumetric feeding ►   Hot-Melt and wet extrusion ►   Pelletizing and grinding ►   Mixing
Workshops Service
Since Three-Tec Ltd. is manufacturing mostly custom products we offer an individual support for our customers. Since we are conducting tests in our in-house laboratory using the customers original products we are able to fabricate devices which can easily handle the characteristics of the raw products and the final products requirements. In order to guarantee a near term supply of spare parts Three-Tec Ltd. is equipped with a complete in-house production line for all necessary parts. The quality management guarantees high quality devices and offers complete service contracts in regard of the field of application. Twice a year Three-Tec Ltd. conducts a one-day workshop for customers and interested parties in order to achieve a know-how exchange between customers and manufacturer.