Three-Tec welcomes you at the Workshop: Date: de: Neues Schulungsdatum kommt bald en: New date coming soon Location: Three-Tec GmbH, 5703 Seon Registration:
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Registration at least two weeks prior the
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we process your product during the
workshop and ask to send us a sufficient
sample in advance.
AGENDA 15 - 16 June 2021
04 - 08 April 2022
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Workshop: The Workshops focus lays on practical operating of the machines and is followed by compact theory ses- sions. During the practical parts, the participants will deal with real tasks. Our staff will listen and respond to the individual needs.   Target audience:  Operators of screw feeding systems, extruders, pelletizers and spheronizer (as well in high con- tainment).  Interested parties who would like to find new solu- tions or optimize their processes.   Benefit: Employees will gather the necessary knowledge to op- erate the machines optimally and will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the different proc- ess engineering technologies.   Content: High precision feeding of powders in volumetric and gravimetric mode. Large amount feeding of powders and granulates. Mini-Extrusion with screw diameters of 5, 9, 12 and 18 mm. Granulate production in high   containment including spheronization. High precision liquid feeding as well as ionization of powders.
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